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Quick Bites

  • Today’s bowl of soup€5.50/€7.50Ask your server for today’s soup.
  • Truffle Croquettes [v]€10.45Breaded mushroom and truffle served with petite salad and spicy mayo.
  • Parfait€8.95Chicken liver parfait served with homemade chutney and croutons.
  • Smoked Salmon and Tuna Terrine€11.95Served with avocado, salmon, asparagus, pistachio, tuna and beetroot finished with lime, mustard, dill creamy dressing.
  • Surf and Turf€12.50Prawns and Beef served with garlic, parsley sauce


Medley SaladsAmendments in salads will be done for vegans and vegetarians

  • Octopus Salad€12.95Octopus tossed with olives, capers, garlic and herbs served on a bed of crispy leaves and walnuts.
  • Vegan Mixed Salad€10.95Braised red cabbage with raisins and quinoa, shaved cucumber, carrot, radish, snow peas and cherry tomatoes finished with agave lime dressing and caramalised walnuts.Add extra: Salmon Steak for €3.95 Chicken Thighs for €3.95 Pan-seared Tofu for €2.25
  • Crispy Beef Salad€12.95Beef strips tossed in honey, soy sauce and sesame seeds served on a bed of salad.


PastaGluten Free Penne will be charged an extra €2.45

  • Pappardelle with Pulled Pork€10.95Slow cooked local pork shoulder with roasted garlic, cherry tomatoes, finished with truffle and jus.
  • Penne Chicken Gorgonzola€10.95Chicken strips, gorgonzola dolce, shallots and cream, topped with baby spinach and shaved almonds.
  • Spaghetti Hazelnut Pesto [v]€10.95Spaghetti tossed in our homemade hazelnut pesto.
  • Linguini Clams and Prawns€14.95Linguini with clams, prawns, red gold saffron, cherry tomatoes and parsley.
  • Risotto with Pea Mint and Pistachio€9.95Risotto with pea purée, peas, mint and pistachio.


Main CourseAll mains are served with potatoes. Gluten Free Bread extra charge €2.45

  • Rich and Juicy Rib Eye Steak€24.95Cooked to your liking with rocket and grana.
  • Pan Roasted Local Rabbit€19.95Local rabbit cooked in white wine, garlic, spices and herbs.
  • Duo of Quail and Chicken€20.95Roasted whole quail, chicken breast al sale, braised red cabbage with raisins and porcini jus.
  • Veal Rump Tagliata€20.95Veal rump, served with steamed rice, snow peas, mushrooms, shallots, baby corn, red curry sauce and crispy kale.
  • Braised Lamb Shank€21.95Braised lamb shank cooked in port and rosemary jus, set on a bed of mashed potato.


Fresh fish of the DayAll fish served with potatoes and salad.

We specialize in fresh mediterranean fish based on the catch of the day.

Sea Bass; Sea Bream; Silver Bream; Red Snapper; Saddle Fish; Meagre Fish; Rock Fish; Barracuda; Tuna; Dentex; Swordfish; Cuckoo Wrasse; Red Mullet; Turbot; Weaver; Dolphin Fish; Pilot Fish; Jon Dori; Grouper; Gurnard; Black Sea Bream; Porgy; Amberjack; Blue Link; Lobsters; Grilled fresh Calamari; Mussels in white wine or Moules Mariniere.

Price according to weight.

  • Fresh Scallops€12.90 each 
  • Local Prawns€5.50 each 
  • Langostini€3.50 each 
  • Oysters€4.50 each 


Vegans & VegetarianThese are many of the vegan and vegetarian dishes we offer from which you will find at least 2 available

  • Beetroot and Prosecco Risotto€10.95 
  • Couscous with Butternut squash, apricots and mint€9.95 
  • Crispy tofu curry with rice and stir fry vegetables€18.95 
  • Red gold Saffron Risotto topped with panfried mushrooms & broad beans€12.95 
  • Butternut Squash Risotto€9.95 
  • Spaghetti Cherry Tomatoes, baby corn, zucchini, herbs and pine nuts€10.95 
  • Vine leaves stuffed with Bulgar wheat and roasted veg topped with tomato sauce and crispy Polenta€12.95 
  • Bulgar wheat with roasted vegetables, basil and caramelized pistachios€10.95 
  • Lentils with roasted parsnips, walnuts and agave syrup topped with crispy rucola€10.95 
  • Local Gozitan asparagus with broad beans, and barley risotto€9.95 
  • Detox Salad€11.95Quinoa mixed with butternut squash, grilled aubergines, mint and sweet ginger vinaigrette with caramelized pistachios, beetroot, and Feta [optional]


Side Dishes

  • Side Salad€2.50 
  • Roasted Vegetables€2.95 
  • Mash Potato€2.50 
  • Steamed Rice€1.50 
  • Cauliflower Cheese€2.50



  • Choice of CheesesPrice according to weightServed with croutons, chutney and grapes.
  • Maltese Platter€10.95/€15.95Local cheese, Maltese sausage, caponata, Gozo cheese, olives, capers, sundried tomatoes and dip.


Choice of Sauces

  • Mushroom Sauce€2.95 
  • Pepper Sauce€2.95 
  • Cognac Sauce€2.95 


Homemade DessertsAverage Price for the Desserts: €4.95 to €5.50

  • Nutella Raviol  
  • Tiramisu  
  • Chocolate fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream  
  • Chocolate Brownie  
  • Apple Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream  
  • Vanilla Creme Brulle  
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake  
  • Strawberry Parfait  
  • Chocolate Marquise  
  • Dark Chocolate Tart with Mint Ice Cream  
  • Carrot Cake with Lime Mascarpone  
  • Cranberry & Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream  
  • Choice of: Frangelico; Vanilla; Basil Grappa; Hazelnut or Panna Cotta€4.95 
  • Choice of: Blackcurrant; Lemon; Passion fruit; Raspberry or Sorbet€3.95(50g scoop) 
  • Choice of: Chocolate; Cinnamon; Coconut; Fig; Strawberry;Vanilla or Ice Cream€3.00(50g scoop) 



Sparkling Wines

  • Prosecco Brut€22 
  • Cuvee Prestige€52 
  • MetodoClassico Rose€32 
  • Brut Reserve Nicolas Feuillate€50 
  • Brut Reserve Taittinger€60 
  • Prestige Rose’€79 


White Wines The Maltese islands

  • Palatino Sauvignon Blanc€12 
  • Caravaggio Chenin Blanc€14 
  • Caravaggio Moscato€14 
  • 1919 Chardonnay€16 
  • Antonin Blanc€28 

White Wines Italy

  • Puiattino Pinot Grigio€20 
  • Gavi di Gavi€24 
  • L’Altro Chardonnay€26 
  • Otto Soave Classico€23 
  • Vermentino€18 
  • TitulusVerdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi€14 
  • Greco di Tufo€19 
  • Grillo€14 
  • SP68 Bianco€26 
  • SamasVermentino Chardonnay€20 

White Wines France

  • Gewurztraminer Klipfel€25 
  • Riesling€21 
  • Beaujolais Blanc (organic)€22 
  • Chablis€29 
  • PouillyFuisse€49 
  • Vouvray ‘V’€18 
  • Sancerre€29 
  • Muscadet ‘Orthogneiss’€24 
  • Sauvignon Blanc€19 
  • Domaine du Gouyat Blanc€14 
  • Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc€52 

White Wines Germany

  • Riesling KabinettDonnhoff€26 

White Wines Austria

  • GrunerVeltinerHopler€19 

White Wines Chile

  • Nimbus Sauvignon Blanc€22 

White Wines South Africa

  • Chenin Blanc Spier€17 
  • Circle of Life White Waterkloof€27 

White Wines Australia

  • The Dry Dam Riesling€21 
  • Pinot Grigio Yalumba€20 

White Wines New Zealand

  • Sauvignon Blanc Greywacke€28 

Rose Wines

  • Odyssey Grenache Shiraz Rose€14 
  • Rose d’Anjou€14 
  • Miraval Cotes de Provence€29 

Red Wines The Maltese Islands

  • Palatino Merlot€12 
  • Caravaggio Cabernet Sauvignon€14 
  • Primus Gellewza Shiraz€50 

Red Wines Italy

  • SP68 Rosso (organic)€26 
  • Barberad’AlbaRuvei€23 
  • BarbarescoPioCesare€75 
  • Amarone Della Valpolicella€52 
  • Chianti Cecchi€18 
  • PromisGaja€50 
  • Nero d’Avola ‘Costadune’ Mandararossa’€17 

Red Wines France

  • Bourgogne Pinot Noir (organic)€28 
  • Pommard Albert Bichot€75 
  • Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon€19 
  • Chateau Carteau Cotes Daugay€32 
  • Chateau Grand Pontet 2008€58 
  • Chateau la Brande€22 
  • Chateau du Pape Rouge€56 

White Wines Spain

  • Rioja Crianza€17 

White Wines Chile

  • Malbec€20 
  • Nimbus Syrah€22 

White Wines South Africa

  • Pinotage, Spier€17 

White Wines Dessert Wine

  • Moscatod’AstiZagara€24 


  • Aperitifs€2.95 
  • Liqueurs€2.95 


  • Famous Grouse (Scotch Whisky) Shot€2.95 
  • J.B (Scotch Whisky) Shot€2.95 
  • Jameson (Irish Whisky) Shot€2.95 
  • Jack Daniels (Bourbon Whisky) Shot€2.95 
  • Bells (STD Whisky) Shot€2.95 
  • Ballantine’s Shot€2.95 
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label Shot€3.50 
  • Benriach 10YO (Malt Whisky) Shot€3.95 
  • Glenmorangie 10YO (Malt Whisky) Shot€3.95 
  • Nikka Blended (Malt Whisky) Shot€4.95 
  • Chivas 12YO (Regal Whisky) Shot€3.50 
  • Glenfiddich 12YO (Malt Whisky) Shot€3.95 
  • Talisker 10YO (Single Malt Scotch Whisky) Shot€4.95 
  • Tamdhu 10YO€4.95 


  • Bacardi (Carta Blanca) Shot€2.95 
  • Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Shot€2.95 
  • Dark Captain Morgan Shot€2.95 
  • Malibu Shot€2.95 
  • Ron Botran 15YO Shot€3.95 
  • El Dorado 12YO Shot€3.95 


  • Russian Vodka Shot€2.95 
  • Smirnoff Shot€2.95 
  • Tito’s Handmade Shot€3.95 
  • Belvedere Shot€4.50 


  • Tanqueray Gin Shot€2.95 
  • Gordon’s Gin Shot€2.95 
  • Hayman’s Gin 1850 Reserve Shot€3.95 


  • Jose Cuervo Gold Shot€2.95 
  • Jose Cuervo Silver Shot€2.95 
  • Patron Reposado Shot€3.95 
  • Patron Café€3.95 
  • Patron Anejo Shot€4.50 


  • Grappa Oris Shot€2.95 
  • Grappa PiaveCuore Shot€2.95 
  • Camus Shot€3.50 
  • Hennessy Shot€3.50 
  • Calvados Berneroy Shot€3.50 
  • Courvoisier VS Shot€3.50 
  • MaximeTrijol XO Shot€9.50 



  • Aperol Spritz€5.95Prossecco, Aperol & soda water.
  • Negroni€5.95Gin, Campari, Martini Rosso with a Twist of Orange Peel.
  • Sun and Sand€5.95Chivas 12yrs, Cherry brandy, Martini Rosso& Orange Juice.
  • Espresso Martini€5.95Vodka, Kahlua, Martini & Espresso.
  • Bellini€6.95Peach Puree, Prossecco& soda water.
  • Rossini€6.95Strawberry Puree, Prossecco&Creme de Cassis.
  • Long Island€7.95Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec with Coca Cola.
  • Margherita€7.95Flavors: Classic, Passion Fruit, Red Berries, Coconut, Tequila, Triple Sec & Lime juice.
  • Mojito€7.95Mint, Rum, Lime Juice, Brown sugar & soda water.
  • 2 Buoys Oyster Mary€10.95Bloody Mary served with Scottish Oyster.